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SOC-CMM Support

SOC-CMM Support

Conducting a SOC-CMM assessment is not a trivial task. Assessments require proper preparation and planning and need to be executed with care. Additionally, while conducting a SOC-CMM self-assessment provides valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the SOC, the objectiveness of a self-assessment is inherently limited. Also, the results depend on the experience of the assessor within different SOCs and their understanding of industry best practices.

For these reasons, SOC-CMM has a network of official support partners that are able to provide the following services:
- SOC-CMM assessments to provide a more obejctive and best practice-led evaluation of your SOC
- support for SOC-CMM implementations for SOCs that are new to SOC-CMM
- creation of a Target Operating Model to provide a strategic direction for your SOC
All support partners have trained consultants and verified references that demonstrate their expertise on Security Operations Centers.

SOC-CMM has 2 types of support partners:
- Silver support partners. Silver support partners have at least 1 trained and certified employee and 2 verified references of succesfull SOC consultation engagements
- Gold support partners. Gold support partners have at least 4 trained and certified employees and 4 verified references of succesfull SOC consultation engagements

Interested in becoming a support partner? Use the Contact page to get in touch and learn more.

Launching in October 2023

The support partner network is launching in October 2023. Participating launching partners will be announced soon. Please use the form below to subscribe to the SOC-CMM mailinglist to be kept up to date

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