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SOC-CMM e-book

SOC-CMM e-book

Conducting a proper assessment is not a trivial tasks. It requires careful planning and expertise. To support SOC-CMM assessments, an e-book has been created: "Assessing Security Operations Centers using the SOC-CMM".

The ebook addresses the following topics:
- The background of the SOC-CMM model
- The capability and maturity levels used within the model
- How to prepare for an assessment: assessment planning, assessment resources, etc.
- Different types of assessments
- Data collection strategies
- Conducting the assessment: pointers for each domain and element
- Using the SOC-CMM tooling
- Analysis of results
- Reporting results
- Advanced activities for the SOC-CMM

Click here to view a sample of the SOC-CMM assesmment e-book

The costs of the e-book is €50,- excluding VAT. If you wish to purchase a copy of the SOC-CMM e-book, use the form below.

Important note: for those who whould like to learn more in-depth how to perform SOC-CMM assessments as well as creating a SOC Target Operating Model, a 1-day SOC-CMM certified assessor training is available, and includes examination. The e-book is included into the training material.

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