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Supporting the SOC-CMM - robvanos - 06-01-2022

If you wish to support the SOC-CMM, there are a number of ways to do so:

1. Obtain a license. There is a license option (license only) that is specifically meant for this purpose. License optiosn can be viewed in the SOC-CMM site license section: SOC-CMM - License & Support

2. Contribute ideas or improvements to the SOC-CMM. For example by sharing your own modifications to the SOC-CMM, contributing ideas for improvement or beta-testing a new release.

3. Share assessment results. Sharing assessment results helps the SOC-CMM to create a benchmark, find common issues between SOCs and aid the creation of a SOC maturity landscape report. The template for sharing results can be found in the downloads section of the SOC-CMM site: SOC-CMM - Downloads