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Argos CSA advisory services

SOC assessment support

SOC assessments are an effective means of determine strengths and weaknesses for the SOC. These assessments can serve as a starting point for an improvement program. Support for SOC assessments is available through SOC-CMM support licenses

SOC Architecture, Design & Realisation

Designing and operationalising a new SOC is a task that requires extensive experience as well as expertise. Argos CSA provides both experience and expertise to ensure that your organisation is building the SOC that matches the needs and requirements of the organisation and is capable of adequately dealing with the threats that the team faces.

SOC improvement

Argos CSA can assist Security Operations Centers and cyber defense teams in their improvement initiatives. For this purpose, a top-down strategic approach is used that begins with the ambitions of the team and threats the organisation faces. Argos CSA can help to determine current strengths and weaknesses and turn these into an actionable improvement plan to maximize the team’s effectiveness. Additionally, Argos CSA provides the team with the right set of tools to execute that plan. Guidance is provided during for execution of the improvement plan.

SOC Transitioning and modernisation

As threat actors continuously evolve, SOCs too must evolve to keep up. Transitioning your SOC to a new service portfolio, modernizing processes and technology, or extending SOC operations (for example: to 24/7 operations, or global operations) can be a daunting task. Argos CSA provides guidance and support for strategic transitions and modernisation of the SOC.

RfI/RfP support for managed SOC services

Argos CSA can support organisations that wish to procure SOC as a service, by aiding in the creation of a Request for Information (RfI) and Request for Proposal (RfP) tailored to the needs of the organisation and be an active part of vendor selection. Guidance during the onboarding to ensure properly integrated service delivery within agreed upon parameters can also be provided.

Process & service implementation

Security Operations Centers looking to implement new process can turn to Argos CSA for guidance and support. Using a top-down approach, requirements and desired output of the service and/or processes is determined and a service architecture or process description is created. This description or architecture is then used to implement and operationalise new processes and services and embed them into existing SOC operations and continuous improvement processes. Example processes: use case management, threat hunting, security monitoring, security incident response.

About Argos

Rob van Os Argos CSA was founded by cyber defense specialist Rob van Os. Rob’s goal is to help cyber defence teams achieve their growth and maturity ambitions. Rob obtained a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in 2009 and a Master's degree in Information Security from Luleå University of Technology in 2016.

Rob is the author of the SOC-CMM, a popular maturity model used globally by security operations centers to improve their capability maturity. Rob is also the lead author of the MaGMa use case framework and the TaHiTI threat hunting methodology. Rob is an active speaker at conferences, author of articles on cyber security topics, course creator and instructor.

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